Why Outsource
An attorney whose time is dedicated to legal research and writing develops familiarity and facility with methods that can produce reliable, persuasive work product.  When I undertake a project for you, you benefit from my years of experience persuading decision-makers with clear, concise, well-reasoned presentations.  With partner-level skills, and access to tools that you may not have at your fingertips, I can provide the information, analysis and written product to put your case on the path to a successful outcome.
Effective presentation of your case depends upon thorough legal research and skillful writing.  These tasks require a significant investment of time and effort.  You already are busy – very busy.  Outsourcing can alleviate periodic time pressures.  When I do legal research and writing for you, you gain the time you need to spend on other aspects of your case, and the flexibility to focus on other professional and personal endeavors that may be more important or rewarding for you.
Outsourcing is cost-effective. When I do legal research and writing for you, you need not hire a new employee and assume a long-term commitment to the additional associated overhead costs. You pay only for the specific services you require, as the need arises.  This gives you the opportunity to build your practice without increasing your expenses.  Furthermore, outsourcing can help you improve your own bottom line.  You can reduce your practice’s research costs by relying on me to use my own legal research tools.  Moreover, in most jurisdictions, it is permissible for you to charge your client more than you pay an independent consultant for legal support services, so long as the total fee is reasonable (See ABA Formal Opinion 08-451).
Judith M. Kasper, Esq.
Legal Research and Writing for Attorneys